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About Us

Puff bar studio founded in 2019,we aims at providing the best quality and authentic puff bar plus flavors for our customers with low price, our main values: simplicity,convenient and value,the most importantly – what we believe the puff bar is a better alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes  

Puff Bar Studio online store sells puff bar plus,puff xxl,we are looking to provide you with the best customer service, we offer very good price and discount for all our customers  

Puff Bar Studio offer over 50 different flavors varieties, spanning things like drinks, fruits, desserts and regular tobacco. With this many options, your only problem will be deciding which one you like the most.

As a disposable device activated through inhalation, the Puff Bar’s design is as simple as it gets.easy to use in any time and anywhere

Our mission is to provide adult vapers with premium products to elevate life’s greatest moments. For us, offering consumers the best choice on the market isn’t just a mission — it’s a requirement. 

We welcome you to visit our puff bar studio website no flashy marketing emails or in your FACE sale offers by shooting up base prices. Just a simple promise of initiative for customers

1.Actual 24*7 Customer support via emails         
2.Not Only Processing but Shipping your order within 24 hours     
3.Crystal clear communication if there is going to be a delay due to out of stock, alternatives & recommendations for you and not our pockets
4.Always the best price that we can offer 
5.Most importantly growing with Customers & not just the dollar
6.Lastly, personal responsibility to never let an underage/unverified order pass through.