Something about the puff plus

May 19, 2021

1.What's the puff plus

Puff Plus is a disposable, all-in-one vape device with different amazing flavors,it made from medical-grade cotton soaked with a liquid mixture of 5% salt nicotine,The device heats the liquid to produce a vapor long do puff plus last
Puff plus comes with a 550mAh pre-charged battery,which can be up to 800 puffs per disposable
3.How much nicotine in a puff plus?
Puff Plus contains 5% salt nicotine 

4.who makes puff plus?

The puff plus is made by the puff bar company

5.are puff plus safe?
Abosutely yes,the puff plus is made of Medical materials and medical cotton inside 

6.where to buy puff plus near me
Please shop the authentic puff plus from,we offer very good price with discount

7.can you charge puff plus?
Puff plus is a disposable vape device,you don't need to charge the puff plus,you can use it anytime and anywhere when you get a one and try a new one when the puff plus is use out to know when puff plus is out
If the blue light on the bottom of your PUFF BAR starts to bllinking, it means that the puff plus will be out soon

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