Advantages of Disposable Vape Device

Mar 24, 2022

1. It is more convenient to carry

Disposable Vape such as puff bar plus and puff xxl do not need to be charged or replaced, and smokers only need to carry the device to go out without carrying accessories such as heavy chargers.

2. More stable performance

Due to the completely closed design of disposable vape, the operation links such as charging and replacing cartridges are reduced, and the occurrence of faults is also reduced. Problems such as circuit failure and liquid leakage that cannot be solved by rechargeable electronic cigarettes It is completely solved here in disposable vape.

3. More e-liquid

The e-liquid capacity of disposable vape device can reach more than 5-8 times that of rechargeable vape, and the service life of disposable disposable vape device is longer.

4. Stronger battery

In general rechargeable vape, each cartridge needs to be charged at least once, and the battery efficiency is extremely low, which is equivalent to charging once every 5-8 cigarettes are smoked. Moreover, if the rechargeable vape is not used, the vape can no longer be used in about 2 months. In contrast, the batteries of disposable vape device  are strong and can support more than 40 ordinary cigarettes. Moreover, if the disposable vape device is idle, the use of the battery will not be affected within 1 year, and the battery will not be affected by more than 10% within 2 years.

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